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Web Design
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Web Design
Web Design
Starting at just $500, I will kickstart your digital journey with comprehensive web design services. This intro package includes a professionally designed website, tailored to your brand, and seamless integration with key social platforms like Facebook and Instagram....
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Basic Web Hosting

Starting at $10 a Month!

Affordable, fast and professional.

Basic web hosting is perfect for supporting a simple website.

It provides you with a Monthly Hosting and Basic Website Tools!

Google Search Results

$25 a Month!

Google Search Ranking is the # 1 factor for every website.  It is important for your website to appear on Page 1 of Google to get maximum exposure.

I use advanced SEO techniques to create a user-friendly website that ranks highly on Google. 


Starting at $100 a Month!

With my online marketing services, I’ll make sure your business gets seen in the right places.  Google and Facebook ads are the first go-to location for online ads.  I’ll give you the right location, right audience, and right message to ensure your business grows online.

I can help your brand find its audience where it needs to be by developing a content strategy and brand that fits your vision and budget.

What I Do

Web Design

I make custom web sites that turn window shoppers into customers. Starting at only $500 a month – you get an modern website that works on mobile and desktop.  You get custom branding and I will give you a clear and concise message to your customers to drive sales.


Do you want to get your company to the top of Google Search?
I improve your web presence and ratings to get you seen online! This is the BIGGEST marketing factor for every company today.
Nowadays, when people want to buy anything, the first thing they do is look it up on their phone. And, when they do – You want to be at the top of the list!
This is what I will do for you. This is what will get you NEW Customers!

Web Advertising

I can manage all your web ads on:
Google, Facebook, Instagram

Once you have a site ranked well on search engines, then you can advertise on the web and social media to generate more leads and bring in even more customers.

Social Media Management

We Social Media Management from Start to Finish.
We can keep your posts up to date and fresh so everyone on-line knows you are up-to-date and here every day.
Once you have the customers you can interact with them and update them on everything going on and new with your company through Social Media.
We can keep Social up to date for you and leave you free time to interact with them.

Time is your #1 priority.
Let us save it for you.

Why Choose
Mike's Web Design?

Personal Experience

I am a local web designer that will gives you the ability to work with me directly on your project.  When you work with me, I am available to answer your questions wherever and whenenever. I’m just a phone call away.

Does Experience Matter?

I have the know-how and desire to help you succeed.  

I understand that every project is different and I pride myself on my ability to adapt to your needs and exceed your expectations.

Contact Me Today!


I am detail oriented and ready to work hard for you.

I will respond to all requests promptly, and strive to have your project completed as soon as possible at a price that’s right for you.

Do you Understand the benefits of Remote Work?

I can work for you from anywhere.  With all the recent advancements in remote work, I can collaborate with you wherever and whenever! 

I have the power to do all of our work online via video conferencing or desktop sharing.

No matter where you are in the world, I can be there!

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Who am I?

I build websites that convert visitors into customers.

My SEO Drives people to your business and shows your customers how good you truly are!

Most importantly, My Marketing brands your business as someone customers want to do business with.